Do you fast-forward through your TV adverts? Do you huff and puff your way past that fashion magazine’s adverts? Have you become an expert at ignoring all of your favourite websites ad banners and buttons? Yeah? Well you’re not alone…traditional marketing is becoming less effective every day.

We're more than aware that an effective content marketing strategy avoids selling to your customer – instead we aim to give them insight and ownership of your business. We set out to create relevant content with the aim of engaging and creating a close relationship with your target audience.

Let’s look at some figures from Roper Public Affairs:

  • 80% of corporate decision makers would rather get company information in a series of articles or blog posts than an advert.
  • 70% of people feel that content marketing brings them closer to the sponsoring company or brand.
  • 60% of people say that brand created content helps them make more informed product decisions.

We know that content works - so if you want to start connecting with your customers, get in touch!