Traveline Cymru is the Welsh Government funded public transport information service in Wales. The company provide impartial route and timetable information for bus, rail and coach travel throughout Wales via the Traveline Cymru telephone information line, the Traveline Cymru website, Traveline.txt and Traveline Mobile phone applications for Android and iPhone.

Traveline Cymru is based on a partnership between the Welsh Government, local authorities and public transport operators in Wales. The company’s mission is to encourage the use of public transport in Wales by providing people with complete and user-friendly information to make any given journey.

The Brief

  • To promote and raise the profile of the Traveline Cymru brand with students in Wales

  • To drive students to use the Traveline Tim Facebook page to get public transport information

  • To highlight the benefits of using the mobile applications and social media for ‘on the move’ information

What We Did

Our big idea was called “Don’t Forget Your Routes”. The campaign was to take place in the Autumn of 2012 and worked in two ways by attempting to capture the students that had moved to Wales and also those who had remained in Wales to study. We also wanted to raise awareness of the valuable free service that Traveline Cymru offers University freshers, many of whom were likely to be living in a new area of the country. To do this we proposed the implementation of a Facebook application. This app would provide up to date travel and journey advice and plan a complete journey from one point to another. The app also has a special events tab, which allows users to find out what’s happening in their area over the coming months.