Tourism Malaysia continues to grow rapidly and places its focus on promoting Malaysia locally and internationally. The company markets Malaysia as a premium destination of excellence in Asia and hopes to make the tourism industry pivotal in the development of the country. As world tourism grows so does the appeal of Malaysia as a destination of choice and Tourism Malaysia has used this to help generate employment, revenue and as a result now has over 44 representative offices worldwide. 

The Brief

We were asked by Tourism Malaysia to undertake a global blogger outreach program while also being one of the key reporters and monitors of the effectiveness of its latest promotion. This promotion focused squarely on gaining positive advocacy through influential travel bloggers from all over the globe. Covering 3 continents with articles written in 7 different languages the task had huge scope. In addition to the outreach program we were also asked to provide a plan to seed this content throughout the UK and Australia.

What We Did

It was firstly critical to build a list of potential bloggers. We identified those people who were most influential within the travel blogger community and began our strategy with personal and tailored approaches.

It was also extremely important for us to understand how we could monitor then measure the numerous articles impact across such a wide area. We came to the conclusion that to garner the most valuable data we would need to measure metrics such as:

  • What sites are the articles shared across

  • What Twitter users tweet about these articles

  • What’s the influence of bloggers and/or their blogs

  • What Facebook pages are the articles shared across

  • How many people (on average) that follow someone on Twitter/Facebook follow the links they post. 

  • Draw conclusions from blog readership/ influence stats.

At the end of every month we delivered 1040 reports, 1 for each article. In addition to the monitoring project outlined above, we managed the seeding of said content across the UK and Australia. With a total of 300 articles for just these two countries we had very specific KPI’s to achieve.


  • KPI’s achieved and tripled for nearly every single facet of the campaign, including page views for each nation, post numbers, while also gaining an increase in engagement.

  • More than 3 million page views gained worldwide.

  • 750 blog articles shared.

  • Positive advocacy and personal links built within the travel blogger community