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An Introduction to Coup

A brief introduction to Coup Media, our work and our clients.


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The Big Data Explosion (infographic)

Take a look at how much data is generated worldwide every day and the business implications of big data.

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The 9 Golden Rules of Blogger Outreach (whitepaper)

If you're setting out on your first blogger outreach campaign then you need to read this first! 



Coup's Social Media Growth Templates

Want to effectively measure how your social media accounts are growing? Well we've created handy templates that'll help you calculate all of the important growth metrics that you and your clients should be taking notice of.



Does your business need a social media policy? (whitepaper)

Writing your social policy for your business can be tough, so we put together a template that should help you achieve the best results from your social team. Download it today for free.


8 Tips - Grow your online community and increase conversation. (whitepaper)

You've got the product, you've got the brand - now you need to get social! We have created the top 8 tips to help grow your online community and increase conversation.


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12 Tips - Get your app into the App Store (whitepaper)

Getting your app through the App Store can be tricky and potentially a minefield of forgotten details. Take a look at our 12 top tips to help your app breeze through the process and ensure nothing is forgotten!

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App Idea Wireframes

You never know when a great idea for an app is going to hit you, we use these helpful wireframes to jot down notes on an app and draw designs as soon as inspiration comes to you. 

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App Store Submission Form - Guide 

Adding your app to the App Store is fun, so take the stress out of the process with this guide on what elements you need to gather together to submit it successfully.

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Coup Media Mobile App Case Studies 

We love all thing Mobile at Coup! We build bespoke apps for iOS and Android and handle everything from design through to App Store submission. Take a look at some of our top apps!


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