Campaigns and Strategy

PR is the loudhailer of your business; it’s the voice that appears around a dinner table, in the local pub, on a train, in an unexpected and unplanned place. It’s the voice that you need to positively influence audiences, to change perceptions of your organisation and even lessen the impact of a crisis. 

At Coup, our PR experience spans working across broadcast media, press, digital, consumer and trade. We look at your objectives; craft a message to achieve them and build a strategy that will amplify it across both online and offline platforms that we believe will best influence those conversations.




Event Management 

Events for PR are not always the ones you might imagine; a marquee on a lawn, a microphone and a glass of warm bubbly. Instead they can be lunches opposite a couple of primed journalists, a guided tour of your business for some key influencers, a reception for an MP to help launch a campaign. We can help you to organise and manage these in a way that will best fit in with your ongoing PR strategy.




Content Marketing

Content marketing is the ingredient that can add the personality to the face of your business. Without content, you cannot properly market your business. But it is hard work to regularly come up with compelling ideas with the content to match.

Coup can help you create this content, whether it’s a regular blog, white papers, web copy or open letters for social media. It will be engaging, informative and integrate with your social media, advertising and PR. We can design a content marketing strategy, plan it for you, reach bloggers and influencers and ultimately drive the leads that will both retain and grow your customer base; adding to your bottom line!