NHS Wales is the publicly funded National Health Service of Wales providing healthcare to some 3 million people who live in the country. The NHS has a key principle which is that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth.

The Brief

NHS Wales asked us to support Public Health Wales’ ‘Chose Well’ campaign across social media. We were asked to cover 3 areas - Rhyl, Wrexham and Bangor, capture data and also create a content/editorial calendar - 'party season' ideas as discussed - dodgy kebabs, sore feet, hangovers, sexual protection, getting drinks spiked, sprained ankles, hangovers - Pain Free Partying!

What We Did

We set up a Choose Well Facebook page, build a Facebook app within that page, highlighting the key statistics and services within a given region. An initial Facebook advertising campaign, targeted by age and location was then used to promote the app. We also promoted a Facebook competition where entrants could win an iPad and Dr Dre beats. We set in place a data capture mechanism - using campaignmonitor.com



Our targeted campaign and promotion has added nearly 1300 fans to the Choose Well Facebook page and created heightened engagement and awareness of the Choose Well campaign.