The Gareth Thomas fitness app is packed full of workout videos, dietary plans and fitness routines to get you fit and build muscle like a professional. 

Taken from intense international rugby workout regimes experienced by Gareth Thomas, the app will help you maximise your workout to try and achieve the perfect ripped body.

As well as offering a full body workout, the app has a focused and detailed dietary plan; with day by day break downs of what to eat and the nutritional values. This app is all you need for a perfect all round workout. Train and eat like a pro!



Is the app available for android/Google Play store?

At the moment it is only available in the app store for iOS. We are looking to bring the app to multiple formats in the near future.

Why does the screen not orientate horizontally?

The app is locked vertically; so that means if you tilt your screen to the side it should still remain in the same orientation.

I can't hear any sound on the workout videos?

That's ok, on the workout videos there is no sound. We removed the sound on these videos so that you can still use your own music while watching the how to videos. 

Can I listen to music while using the app?

Yes, you can. You just need to load up your music before heading on to the app; once the app is loaded it should continue to play throughout.

Is the dietary plan right for me?

The dietary plan may not be suited for everyone. You should read the information provided in the 'About the Plan' segment of the app to see if it is right for you. 

If you have special dietary requirements or want more information whether the plan is right for you; you should always speak to your doctor or a health care professional before committing to diet changes. 

If you have any concerns or feel the plan is making you unwell or not getting results you desire; please stop immediately. The plan is designed to work in association with the full training program.

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