It's not 1983 anymore and the GLC have booted up there ZX Spectrums. Instead of having a Jet Set Willy marathon they have created the ultimate companion for the intrepid 21st century traveler.

Yes that's right, now you too can visit Newport and speak the lingo with the locals with out fear of getting your head kicked in. Order a taxi, "get a shirt and tie" or tell you friends you are getting married, "me and the missus are getting matching tattoos". There is a phrase for every occasion, from going out to work and shopping, all with helpful audio clips so you can easily master the Newport dialect. Have the confidence to visit the Gateway City and be at one with the exciting modern holiday destination that is Newport, you knows it makes sense.



Is the app available for android/Google Play store?

At the moment it is only available in the app store for iOS. We are looking to bring the app to multiple formats in the near future.

Why does the screen not orientate horizontally?

The app is locked vertically; so that means if you tilt your screen to the side it should still remain in the same orientation.

I can't hear any sound?

Check your iPhone/iPad is not switched to silent. This will cause no sound to play from the app. If this does not fix the problem, try using the the plus button on the side of the phone to increase the volume.

Is this app safe to use in public?

The app does feature offensive language and we would strongly suggest not using it on any one but friends. You may use it in public but we advise to be respectful of others. If you are offended by the language in the app please be advised the app is rated 17+.

Is this app safe for work?

This app is not safe for work, as it features strong language and adult themes throughout.  

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