Helping the World's largest human rights charity adopt a data driven social strategy.


Amnesty International is a global movement of more than seven million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end abuses of human rights.

The Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation is also the world's largest grassroots human rights organisation, protecting women, men and children wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.

With such a huge audience, social media is core to its communication efforts and therefore has to be done properly, in a targeted fashion.

Amnesty International approached Coup requesting a robust social media audit across their global social channels.

Having heard about our brilliant social data analytics team they were keen to understand which part of their social media was most readily consumed, when, where and by whom.

Not a problem. We set to work performing a detailed content audit and social data analysis for Amnesty's Twitter and Facebook accounts, which span five countries!

Using our proprietary analytics software and manual insights expertise, we identified key trends in media consumption, completed a competitor analysis and fed our findings and recommendations back in a detailed, visual report.


 An example of a summarised conclusion report page for Facebook posts in Nigeria.

An example of a summarised conclusion report page for Facebook posts in Nigeria.

It was no mean feat with six channels and over two million users. We analysed over 100,000 tweets and Facebook posts going back over a two year period to deliver a comprehensive report with retrospective results and forward-looking recommendations.

Amnesty International then used the results and our recommendations to guide their global social media strategy, making it more effective, efficient and far more engaging.

"The social media report from Coup Media was so immensely beneficial to our team."  

Elizabeth Meckes, Head of Digital Engagement, Amnesty International.
Amnesty subsequently used the report to shape their ongoing global social strategy, and Coup were asked back for a second year to update the report, and assess the impact of the changes that we recommended.
We're now working on new and exciting social and mobile projects with Amnesty International, including their Facebook Messenger ChatBot, which we launched for them in the Summer of 2017.
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Holiday Extras - Social Data Report


Billed as your one stop shop for all you need for holiday, Holiday Extras needed a better handle on how their brand was perceived and how they could increase basket size on site. Luckily for them they called Coup!

Over a period of 3 months we gathered data from across the social web to analyse and get to the core of what Holiday Extras meant to holiday makers. The results surprised us and enlightened the client as we found that brand recognition was extremely low even though product recognition was really high. In short people were buying from Holiday Extras without even knowing it! Another key finding was that the term ‘holiday extra’ was consistently used in #’s and Twitter conversations unrelated to the brand - a golden opportunity to place the client right at the heart of the conversation.

The 30 page report detailed all of this and more, and ran deep into recommendations of marketing campaigns, promotions and ways in which the client could leverage the existing conversations. The social strategy was completely revamped off the back of our removing the guesswork and we continue to work with Holiday Extras, growing their Airport Parking division to the second biggest on Facebook.

Lloyds Banking Group - Social Data Reports


We worked with Lloyds Banking Group to help them understand what conversations take place around the topic of business insurance online.

 Initial findings were that this wasn’t something people readily discussed across the major social platforms, and only a small number of conversations happened across specialist forums like

We took the research deeper and explored specific trades that we’d selected from Key Words research. We started to find a lot of conversation across Facebook and Twitter relating to these trades (carpet fitters, mobile beauticians, window cleaners)
 We had our ‘in’, and from here we developed a search criteria that uncovered a myriad of conversations and opportunities for Lloyds to engage. There were common questions around indemnity, public liability, and various other business insurance products that we know Lloyds would be able to answer. That led us to create relevant content such as jargon busters, insurance selector tools, infographics and videos to help Lloyds demystify business insurance for existing and potential customers.