Measuring up

When looking at Social Media stats, most of the time I think: yeah, I can believe that - like '72% of all internet users are set up on Social Media', (if i'm honest, I'm surprised that figure isn't higher - after all social overtook porn as the number 1 activity on the web).

But what about the stats that are possibly a little more trivial - the ones that help you learn more about your audience? Could these be more relevant? It's always vital to understand your user and monitor how they interact with the content you give them. But how?

Use a mix of tools; proprietary Facebook metrics, Twitter analytics, Google Analytics and what you can't get from these platforms, get from 3rd party tools like Sprout Social of Hootsuite. be clear on what you want to measure and why you're measuring it. Most importantly, try to decide what action you want to take off the back of the reports and stats.

Take a look at our resources page for some social media reporting templates...