Marc Jacobs comes up smelling of...daisies

Marc Jacobs recently announced the launch of a unique pop-up store, to appear during February's upcoming Fashion Week. What will set this store apart from other concepts, is that Jacobs will offer social currency in exchange for the new ‘Daisy’ perfume. Named ‘Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop’ consumers will be able to get their hands on the perfume in exchange for a Tweet, Instagram shot or Facebook post - tagged with #MJDaisyChain. The most creative Instagram post will win a Marc Jacobs handbag - every girl's dream no?!

This new concept's predicted success will validate the power of Social Media within a brand. A 50ml bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume costs around £50 and although no details have been confirmed on the size of the actual perfume - giving away free perfume isn’t cheap. But what Marc Jacobs might lose in perfume sales, he will more than make up for in publicity. Fashion brands are beginning to realise how powerful Social Media can be and that it is one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

Burberry is a great example of a brand that has experienced a boost due to it’s intelligent use of Social Media. The brand is one of the most successful examples of a luxury fashion brand that has embraced digital channels as a way of delivering unique experiences to its consumer. Their content includes live-streamed catwalk shows, behind-the-scenes footage and intimate glimpses into the fashion house and what they do. They make consumers feel as though they are part of the brand and offer unlimited access to the brand's personality.

So if offering your consumer an insight into your brand has become the standard, what will fashion brands come up with next? Its an exciting time for social media within fashion, a glimpse of the 'high life' isn't as far away as it used to be. Marc Jacobs has set the bar with this unique campaign and I’m sure other brands will be scrambling to follow suit.

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