The Bling Ring

Functionality and style rarely appear in the same sentence, but just occasionally there is an exception to the rule. Luxury meets tech with the Ringly, a smart yet incredibly stylish addition to the wearable tech market.

As smartphone technology has developed, our mobile phones have practically become an extension of our hand. However, when you’re attending an important meeting, a family meal or catching up with a friend, checking your phone every few minutes is, well, just plain rude.

Although not every notification to your phone needs attention immediately there are some exceptions, such as a call from a loved one, your doctor or a work related matter. Ringly is a cocktail ring which connects to your phone, alerting you to important messages and calls.

The Ringly app, available for iOS and Android, allows you choose what you want to receive and lets you decide how you want to receive them — from important work emails to texts and phone calls. With four different vibration patterns and lights, you can control the type of notification and customise your notifications.

The launch collection features four rings crafted with an 18k matte gold 3 micron plated setting a precious and semi-precious stones. Ringly has also introduced one limited edition ring crafted with a rhodium-tone plated setting and a tourmalated quartz semi-precious stone.  

Coup caught up with with New York-based Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando to ask about her inspiration behind the design, her proudest moments and what the future has in store for Ringly...

We can't get enough of Ringly at Coup HQ, where did the idea come from?

I continued to miss calls and texts from my friends and family because my phone was buried in my purse and I hated leaving it on the table every time I went out.

I also disliked feeling so dependent on and chained to my phone. I started to realize that a lot of my friends were having the same issue, so I thought to myself - "what if I could make my jewelry smart?" I got really excited about creating a solution to the problem while also designing something that women would get excited about wearing.

What are your main sources of inspiration for the design of the Ringly?

When I first started the company I wanted to create a simple product that makes women's lives easier. Whether it’s at the dinner table, at the office, out with friends, or even on a date, we live in a world where technology rules and our phones are always present.

Ringly was created to help you put your phone down, leave it in your purse or at your desk, but still receive the notifications that matter most to you. I like to focus on problems first and create solutions that are simple and elegant. I’m always looking around and noticing what’s going on - observation is my favorite form of inspiration.

All of the designs in our collection are inspired by and named after moments in my own life where I don't want to worry about having my phone out - Stargaze, Wine Bar, Daydream, Into the Woods and Dive Bar.



How important is simplicity and minimalism when it comes to designing the Ringly?

From day one, I knew our products had to be simple, stylish and unobtrusive. We're focused equally on the fashion and the technology of our products because we believe technology can be both beautiful and useful. Even though it looks simple from the outside there's a lot of complicated stuff going on inside - that's what I love about it.

Since starting out, what has been the proudest moment for Ringly?

I love walking into our office every day and seeing our team! We've hired some of the most talented and dedicated people in their respective industries and it makes me so proud to work alongside them. I also love when our fans post pictures wearing their rings on social media - they're so creative!

What does the future have in store for the Ringly? Are there any other products on the horizon?

This year we’ll be expanding our collection and adding new features and functionality to our mobile app. We'll also be using our technology and embedding it into other designs and form factors, such as new rings and bracelets. Stay tuned for collaborations as well!