Social media hacking, what do we need to know?

These days with everyone using social media, how easy is it to get hacked? The main thing to remember is to prevent it as best as you can. Recently Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s social accounts were hacked, if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone surely? He of all people should be a little more keyed up when creating a password. But he was guilty of making the biggest mistake when creating accounts online, using the exact same password across his social profiles, which was ‘Dadada’. Which meant when they managed to get into one account, they had access to others. The hackers claimed they had also managed get into his instagram account, which is owned by Facebook, which would have been a bit embarrassing for him. But thankfully a spokesperson for Facebook has stated "No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed. The affected accounts have been re-secured." The group explained they got access to his account from a LinkedIn password dump, a breach of security where over 160 million passwords and accounts were leaked. The group of hackers are now asking for 5 Bitcoin for the data, which is worth an estimated £1,507.

So - online hacking how can we prevent it happening? We have 3 top tips to keep your social profiles safe...

  • Change passwords often.

  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware software.

  • Always update your operating system when needed.

It can happen to anyone, at anytime. Is your password easy to guess? Most people’s passwords are something simple to remember like a birthday or pet’s name, which can be easy to find online, so it’s getting easier for the hackers - with a couple of guesses they could be in. There are multiple reasons why hacking happens, celebrities and companies are targeted because of their large following, to force a following or to force shares. Online Security should be taken seriously, for a hacker who gets hold of the right information it can be dangerous, so stay safe online and get clued up!