Power up & feel the burn!

Power up & feel the burn! There’s nothing worse than your phone battery dying when you’re out and about.

The relationship with our gadgets is about to become closer. With the future of technology being discussed by engineers, our bodies could be the latest power source for wherever we go. Based on research for us to stay healthy and ticking over, burning 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day is ideal.

Conveniently, burning that amount of calories equals enough energy to power a modern smartphone. If even just a fraction of this energy could be bottled, our bodies movement will be the future of powering technology. The energy that exists in our bodies is stored in different groups, the majority of it needs some handling before powering any electric device, but surprisingly not a lot of it does. Kinetic chargers, wearable solar power and cloth chargers are just some of the latest examples of human powered electricity. Now that’s smart!

‘Ampy’ is a concept of movement creating power, it’s a battery pack with two sensitive inductors that capture vibrations when active. From one full battery it can provide enough power to charge your iPhone one and a half times. Just exercise for a hour, then charge your phone for a hour, simple enough! It also has a coating which is sweat proof for protection.

Recycling energy from our bodies could provide an untapped source of power for our electronic devices. But if all this walking seems too much effort, there are other options. Solar power is the most popular form of current energy source, from buildings to clothes.When it comes to this wearable technology, its removable solar panels are water resistant and the lightweight battery contains enough charge for four standard smartphones. But for the winter nights when the sun doesn’t make an appearance there’s PowerTrekk. This portable charger is powered by salt & water, you’ll need one ‘myFC Puck’ - some salt and one tablespoon of water which will generate 1400 mAh - enough electricity to charge a smartphone twice.


Obviously, these gadgets are not going to work alone - a blend of strategies could mean a backup is needed when these sources aren’t available. It may become a bit annoying if you can’t charge your phone because you’ve run out of salt or if the sun has gone in. This futuristic idea of our bodies becoming the wireless charger has more and more potential everyday, it does have a long way to go but more than likely you’ll be around to see it happen. There are many more features in development of new ways to charge your phone, what do you think of these new ideas?


Are our bodies going to adapt to this new evolution of technology or shall we stick to the standard plug in way of charging our phones?  Wireless could power could soon be everywhere, so watch this space!