Are you a social media superfan?

Social media is a powerful platform, even more so with the superfan consumer. 

Being loyal comes with great benefits. Brands are now embracing the importance of super fans and so they should!  After all, the eager fans will always sign up for newsletter updates and be the first to share or like your content. They’ll always be happy to spread the word and purchase from their favourite brand, and when you think about it, them posting about your brand on social media is just free advertising!

The emphasis on creating solid relationships with superfans happens when looking for ways to improve loyalty is at the highest priority for most brands. Companies are now creating that bond with their audiences, tracking their actions online and deepening the overall engagement. Having that deeper engagement provides a chance to interact with the brand, rather than seeing a more traditional ‘buy and go’ culture. 

Reward the super fan for social interaction! Lancome started offering loyalty points to fans that posted product reviews online, it learned more about its most devoted customers’ reactions to its beauty products while creating deeper engagement at the same time. 

People these days are more likely to trust a review online from a friend than an advert in a magazine. So embrace the super fan, they’re more important than you think!