The Selfie v The Photobomb

I once was asked, why did you attach a photo of yourself on your CV?

The answer to that was quite simply; surely candidates hold the power to present themselves as they see best fit? Admittedly, I did choose a picture of myself on graduation day - a photo that emulates my achievements, right? But come on, who seriously attaches a selfie to a CV and expects a positive reaction? You may be surprised.

The growth of Social Media means that employers can get access to all of your photos and embarrassing selfies by searching for you, regardless of whether you’ve attached a CV photo or not, so why bother? This is proven to be an integral part of the recruitment process, with 68% of employers carrying out this search. It helps put a face to a name quicker than ever before!

According to the same research, candidates increase their job rejection rate by 88% if they attach a photo of themselves to their CV - formal or not! Its seems that I was really putting my neck on the line for doing so. Bad move Emily! But, I got the job. Seems i'm in the ‘lucky’ 12%? This made me think; do photos, images and info-graphics actually hold the power to speak louder than words? In such a visual-orientated era, of-course this statement must be true - after all, employers must be looking for something.

We are the ‘critics of today’! Technology is evolving so much, that the tools we use to edit, make self-preservation so much easier. The #SelfieGraphic is now a form of statistical data which allows for valuable and measurable analysis to take place. For example, since the selfie originated, popularity has increased by 17,000%. We’ve even allocated a day to express ourselves, with the Twitter hashtag: #SelfieSunday. It’s now acceptable to self indulge, but only on a specific day of the week? Remember that Thursdays are always set aside for reflecting on your life, nostalgically!

Regardless of whether our selfie-taking-habits are for informal purposes or not – we're all doing it! Who knew that 34% of all male selfie-takers edit their photos before going live? That’s 21% higher than women. Wow!


 (Image source:

What really catches our attention is when celebrities join in on the craze. Ellen Degeners and Bradley Cooper engaged audiences with their selfie at last year’s Oscars and made history with the most re-tweeted Tweet ever! It even meant that Twitter experienced a 25 minute ‘slow down’.

(Image source: AllTwitter)

 (Image source: All Twitter)

Thinking about it, this isn’t just a craze- it’s the future. The word selfie entered the Oxford Dictionary in 2013- there really is no going back now!

What I would like to draw your attention to is the ‘photobomb’; a topical issue now (Have you seen the Queen's photoboming skills?), yet a word entered into the Oxford Dictionary in 2012, a whole year before ‘Selfie’. Surprising, I know. It seems that selfies have been around much longer! The shorties (Shorty Awards) have even introduced an award for the Best Social Media Photobomb of the Year! Take a look at some of the best!

The only difference between a photo now and a photo twenty years ago is that you always have to ask yourself: is what I’m looking at real? For example, the filters on Instagram actively push us towards an editing process for our own images. This seems to be a socially acceptable way of editing - purely because there are filters provided. It would be rude to ignore them, don’t you think?

Above is Rays reporter: Kelly Nash. She took what seems to be a near miss selfie at Fenway Park, Boston. This is still one of the most talked about selfies to date, that captures the moment she experienced a near miss by a baseball. Surely this cannot be real? Our studio manager, Will and I had this exact conversation. Whilst I was happy to take this at face value, Will, did seem slightly skeptical. What interests me the most about this image is that it manages to blur the lines between selfie and photobomb; interestingly an act that is becoming increasingly popular within brand advertising.

Who’s behind this? VOGUE! They are not the only ones, but definitely one of the best I’ve seen. VOGUE collaborated with @Copylab to produce a ‘Historical Art meets contemporary fashion’ campaign, with the photobomb making an appearance in a way never been seen before!

Original: ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earing’ by Johannes Vermeer.

VOGUE: ‘The girl with the Chanel Earing’ by @Copylab

Original: ‘The Last Supper’ by Juande Juanes.

VOGUE: ‘He broke the Hermes, gave it to his disciples and said…’ by @Copylab

There seems to be an evolutionary process occurring. From what was once an innocent act of self indulgence; the selfie has modified to the photobomb, an element of momentary brilliance - aimed to humour all who see. The difference being that the photobomb has the power to tell a story - something many brands have embraced! 

Will you be participating in a selfie or photobomb this weekend?