Leave your wallet at home!


Paying for goods with card or cash could now be a thing of the past.

The next craze to hit the UK smart phone scene is the e-wallet, it's actually been around for a few years, but until now it hasn’t been available in the UK.

 How the Amazon Wallet looks on an Android device.  Taken from the Android app page.

How the Amazon Wallet looks on an Android device. Taken from the Android app page.

This is all about to change, Amazon recently launched their own e-wallet, simply named the Amazon Wallet - partnered with Amazon’s new Android phone. It's only in testing stages at the moment and only available for the Amazon Fire. It currently allows you to store your loyalty cards, but plans to allow mobile payments in the near future. The store cards can be viewed as barcodes, text, images or QR codes to add and remove points from the cards.

It seems the Amazon Wallet will be the big player in carving the UK’s E-Wallet market for the foreseeable future, with Google possibly following suit.

 Google Wallet in action. Taken from the Android app page.

Google Wallet in action. Taken from the Android app page.

The Google Wallet is currently getting better reviews in the American market than the Amazon Wallet. The Google Wallet allows users to add their bank card details to the account - allowing users to pay by tapping the phone on an NFC payment point. The wallet also has access to far more data than current wallets, giving Google's direct access to various APIs and databases from the companies who own the cards. 

However, Google Wallet requires an NFC point as its only way to make payments, without this - the app basically becomes useless. There has also been interest from Visa to create a similar app, but we're yet to hear from the Visa camp (w

Do you think this idea will take off? Or is paying with your card the safest option?

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