Lloyds Banking Group - Social Data Reports

We worked with Lloyds Banking Group to help them understand what conversations take place around the topic of business insurance online.

 Initial findings were that this wasn’t something people readily discussed across the major social platforms, and only a small number of conversations happened across specialist forums like moneysavirngexpert.com

We took the research deeper and explored specific trades that we’d selected from Key Words research. We started to find a lot of conversation across Facebook and Twitter relating to these trades (carpet fitters, mobile beauticians, window cleaners)

 We had our ‘in’, and from here we developed a search criteria that uncovered a myriad of conversations and opportunities for Lloyds to engage. There were common questions around indemnity, public liability, and various other business insurance products that we know Lloyds would be able to answer. That led us to create relevant content such as jargon busters, insurance selector tools, infographics and videos to help Lloyds demystify business insurance for existing and potential customers.