Holiday Extras - Social Data Report

Billed as your one stop shop for all you need for holiday, Holiday Extras needed a better handle on how their brand was perceived and how they could increase basket size on site. Luckily for them they called Coup!

Over a period of 3 months we gathered data from across the social web to analyse and get to the core of what Holiday Extras meant to holiday makers. The results surprised us and enlightened the client as we found that brand recognition was extremely low even though product recognition was really high. In short people were buying from Holiday Extras without even knowing it! Another key finding was that the term ‘holiday extra’ was consistently used in #’s and Twitter conversations unrelated to the brand - a golden opportunity to place the client right at the heart of the conversation.

The 30 page report detailed all of this and more, and ran deep into recommendations of marketing campaigns, promotions and ways in which the client could leverage the existing conversations. The social strategy was completely revamped off the back of our removing the guesswork and we continue to work with Holiday Extras, growing their Airport Parking division to the second biggest on Facebook.