Tweview XFactor - Week 4

Week 4 of The X Factor was the BIGGEST ever! We saw more tweets than ever before, but it wasn't enough to save the poor Kingsland Road lads. Here is what we found out this week:

Kingsland Road were voted off this week after taking the bottom spot from last week's evictees, Miss Dynamix.

Kingsland Road had the most tweets overall and had the most tweets during this weekend's show. However, they racked the most negative tweets in the process.

Tamera Foster was a shock entry into the bottom 2. However, over the weekend she gained the second least amount of tweets overall - which shows perhaps she fell victim to being seen as a ‘favourite’ and forgotten about by the general public. Hannah Barrett had the lowest amount.

Sam Callahan had the worst week, though he wasn’t in the bottom 2, he fell 2 places in the chart and had the worst positive to negative growth. With his popularity sliding backward overall. 

Abi Alton continues to be in the bottom 2 of the Tweview chart as she yet again has the lowest amount of tweets overall.

Rough Copy UK were the only chart climber this week, moving up from 7th to 5th. Replacing the falling Hannah Barrett and Sam Callahan.

Nicholas Mcdonald is still holding the top spot, however next week could see a change as he only generated half the tweets of Sam Bailey, who sits at no.2 in the chart.

This week saw the highest amount of tweets about the show since it kicked off 4 week's ago.


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