Has Facebook Messenger met its match?

Snapchat vs. Facebook Messenger

Snapchat has video and audio calls, so does Facebook. Snapchat has chat and picture sending options and Facebook does too! Snapchat shows us when someone is typing a reply and Messenger shows when someone is typing a reply, can you see a pattern here?


Are you Team Snapchat or Team Messenger?

The latest Snapchat update has got us all talking and noticing the similarities! Not only can you take pictures and videos with fun filters which change daily or offer an advertising opportunity for brands. It now has two new features, 3D stickers and two way video/audio calls. It seems it has many similarities to the current Facebook messenger. Although Snapchat is the smaller app of the two, it looks like it's becoming one of the biggest competitors for Facebook Messenger.

Snapchat is arguably the most creative of each app, with the options of drawing, filters and now stickers. Users can create any picture or video content they want to share with their friends privately or on their story. Still with it’s unique feature of temporary images, videos and now text and audio, Snapchat is the fastest growing social networks this year.

With celebrities now joining in on the popular way of sharing content, it’s drawing attention from a wider audience. Whether you want you see what your favourite actor is up to, or behind the scenes at the latest award show, it’s all now available on Snapchat!

With the new feature of two way video chat, Snapchat has upped its game compared to Messenger. Mediakix.com have commented that “Snapchat is closing in on a much larger rival Facebook with 7 billion mobile video views each day from its 100 million daily users (vs. Facebook's 8 million views and 1.55 billion users). Although Snapchat counts video views that are less than one second, the viewer must press play to see content.”

Should Messenger be worried?

Although both channels have similar features, Messenger has still many advantages. Starting with its higher rating on Google Play, you can also stay hidden on the app; changing your status to invisible makes it easier to appear offline without logging out. It’s accessible on any PC or laptop and supports other languages. Yes, that’s right! 30 languages are on offer with Facebook whereas Snapchat only supports 12. Snapchat has the geotag; a location sharing feature, which only applies when in larger cities or events. But Facebook allows you share your location wherever you are in the world.   

So, what are your thoughts?

Are you sticking old school and simple with Facebook Messenger to stay in contact or making the change to Snapchat?