Tunepics - A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

Last week a new social app named Tunepics launched. With Tunepics you can now share music with each picture you post, almost like Instagram with sound. Social lovers immediately downloaded the App to see what it was all about. As an Instagram addict, I immediately downloaded it to see what was going on. Music with pictures? I get it. Sometimes you need music to really convey the mood of the picture, or sometimes you want to show off your incredible music taste. I love the idea, so let's take a better look...


"For the first time, share the true emotion of your moments by adding tunes to your pictures. This is social media with a soundtrack."

I've made an account. Same concept as many other Social Apps: Profile picture, cover photo, name and description. I keep them consistent to all my other accounts (incase I get famous and people want to make sure their following the right gal). Let's breathe some life into this account. I'm not in a particularly photogenic environment so I'll upload something that's already saved to my camera roll. I have a saved image of Lana Del Rey (typical) which is perfect for my first photo, simple, black & white. Filters? Oh dear, we have some rather questionable snow, rain and rainbow filters which look tacky.  I'll skip those and stick to simple black and white. Now it's time to choose a tune. Here you have access to iTunes and over 35 million songs, spoiled for choice! I choose Lana's latest track 'West Coast' and added a simple lyric as my description. A preview of the song plays and a little icon on the right linking you to buy the song on iTunes (clever.)

You have the option to add location and share on Facebook or Twitter which is pretty standard stuff these days. Now my favourite part is adding an emotion. You can scroll through the colour wheel and choose an emotion, this makes a cool filtering system for images. Feeling sad? Search for images with sad emotions etc.

I've uploaded some images (just a few that I have already posted on Instagram) and now going to take a look at what's happening on the App. I need to find some interesting people to follow. The search engine gives you a list of people to follow, just a general list of brands and celebrities that aren't particularly catered to my interests. I found Snoop Dogg so maybe they do know a little bit about me? There's an option to find my Twitter friends, unfortunately only 4 of my Twitter friends have the App. What I really want is a list of everyone I'm following on Instagram and if their using Tunepics. There's a reason I follow them on Insta, I like their images.  

At the moment my access to accounts of 'real people' is quite limited, so let's focus on brands and celebrities. When I thought about a singer having a Tunepics account, I could just imagine it turning to annoying self promotion platform. Album cover and sample of their latest tune "SINGLE OUT NOW". I hope celebs don't take this route as Tunepics could have the potential to make an even better connection with fans! Imagine finding out your favourite singer posts one of your fave songs that you thought only you loved? That's a life long connection right there. Who doesn't want to know what they're listening to behind closed doors?

Let's take a look at Lorde. I like Lorde, I think she's cool and has a great voice. I follow her on most social channels but I wouldn't put her in my 'I live for this band/singer' category. One pic Lorde is sipping on a drink. I've seen this image on social before but now it has a whole new meaning. She's posted it with Kanye's Hold My Liquor track. Lorde likes Kanye? Cool! I love Kanye and love finding fellow Kanye fans, Lorde has gone up in my estimations. I also like the sense of humour. The track is clearly about drinking alcohol and Lorde is sipping on water. Funny gal. Another one is a performance pic with a track I've never heard of. I love the sample clip and immediately go for a listen on Spotify. The iTunes feature is great but I think a collaboration with Spotify would be better as users can listen to the song rather than committing to purchasing on iTunes after a 30 second sample. After three plays of the song, I'm in love. I love this, I love hearing music I've never heard of before! I feel like I know Lorde a little better now and all from an image and tune.

Next up is a brand. There aren't many brands on here but I found Hunter Boots (the wellies company) and interested to see what they came up with.  A cute picture of a blogger (who I happen to follow and already seen the picture) and her kids wearing Hunter Boots in the rain. The accompanying song is Gene Kelly's Singin In The Rain. That's enough to put a smile on anyone's face! The image is reactive to the current bad weather and using a song that's recognised by everyone. The other image is someone using the boots in the rain with The Beatles' Rain. The brand are using new images with well known songs that everyone can relate to. It's nothing inventive but certainly engages on a deeper level with it's customers by using well known songs. 

There are loads of really great features to the App. I love that you can add a mood to your image, I love discovering new music and I love sharing my favourite bands! But there are a few downsides, mainly Instagram. A community has been built in Instagram, you have your followers and that list of people you love following. Instagram is my main photo sharing platform, I rarely upload images to Facebook or Twitter, and if you forced me to choose, my favourite social platform it would be Instagram. A problem that has started occurring and I think would be an issue with Tunepics, is repetition. Brands and people repeat what they share on all platforms and it can be a little tiring (this is why I will only share something to one platform). This would be enough for any fan to click the unfollow button. This is something that I think would happen quite often on Tunepics, the same images would be uploaded but with music. I am really intrigued by this App and am going to keep my account and see what happens. Who knows, maybe Tunepics will push Instagram off the top spot of my internet life?

Written by
Lowri Angharad Williams