Facebook's focus on mobile and video pays off

Yesterday saw Facebook post its revenue for Q4 of 2015, with some major increases. Their quarterly earnings surpassed $5 billion for the first time thanks to ad sales, with 80% now coming from mobile. The report shows a 51.7% increase in revenue with new advertising formats such as video and improvements to mobile apps aiding the overall rise in income through ad sales. This has seen the social network post a $1.56 billion net income in the last three month of 2015 alone. Total revenue rose to $5.84 billion from $3.8 billion the previous year with ad revenue soaring 56.8% to $5.64 billion in Q4. Daily use on the social network now sits at 1.04 billion, which is a staggering figure.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in a post on the social network said “We just announced our quarterly results and shared an update on our community's progress to connect the world. Our community now has more than 1.59 billion people. More than 1 billion people use Groups. Almost 1 billion people use WhatsApp. More than 19 million people who previously had no internet access are now connected through Internet.org.” With an amazing set of stats like this, will Facebook now have greater influence than Google online? One things for sure: Twitter must be looking at this continued growth and wonder what they can to do to survive, let alone keep up. Facebook’s stock has risen nearly 25% in the past 12 months and working within the developing world has been a big part of this - is this where Twitter must follow?