Welcome to the Dark Side - Spotify.

Spotify have just released a redesign for its web, desktop and iPhone apps.  – their first since its launch in 2008.

As a regular Spotify user I was instantly drawn in by its new “Dark Side” redesign, refreshed typography and rounded iconography whilst playing all my favourite tunes - the digital music service has never looked so good. The dark interface makes imagery 'pop' instantly, allowing you to find exactly what you're looking for.

— Spotify


The idea around the new design was to give users the experience of going to the cinema, the lights dimmed as the movie steps in and takes over the room – and it definitely gives you that impression. 

It's now easier to tell the difference between album artwork and artists. Album artwork is now presented to you in square icons, while the artists are presented in a circle. –  This may not sound like  big change but, as a Spotify user, it's made a massive difference when maybe I'm just browsing for something new to listen to. The simplest of details such as curved buttons and icons, simplified display screens and the shading that pops up every time you run your cursor over artwork, does nothing less than enhance the whole experience.

It almost gives you the impression (dare I say it), of iOS7 style. Flat, modern and up to date. This is in no way a negative, but it's clear that Spotify knew exactly what their users wanted and delivered it well.

The redesign also give you new features that enhance user experience: The new collections features is called “Your Music”, this allows the user to save songs and albums to their personal collection, providing an alternative to the playlist options – the previous way to access saved music.

These new features save a lot of your time, allowing you to save whole albums at the click of a button.

For me - of all the new features, I really enjoy the “Genres & Moods” section the most. Presented with square images layered with beautiful icons, this stood out to me and instantly made me want to browse for new music – allowing me to find artists I may never have found before.

The redesign is set to reach Android and other platforms very soon, but for now all the features of the desktop are also included in the mobile app version, so no matter where you are, you are able to enjoy the new features Spotify has to offer you.