House of Fraser gets 'Emojinal' in new Twitter campaign

Did you see it? Are you confused? We are. House of Fraser launched a new campaign yesterday that was full of ‘Emojis’, leading to some people wondering whether the official Twitter account of the department store had been hacked. The brands #Emojinal social media campaign went live yesterday morning and it wasn’t long before some of the stores customers suspected that this could only be the work of a child. Can you believe it? Yes! One tweet read “Ugh. The person running the House of Fraser Twitter account has entrusted a 12 year old with the password. Make it staaaaahp”.

Whatever the aim of this campaign it definitely backfired. Maybe they were just looking to grab attention, much like how the rapper Kanye West usually uses Twitter. Could this be the reason why they felt it necessary to mention him personally? They placed a peach emoji onto a photograph of him and his wife. Can you guess where? Whether it was down to total randomness or designed to brighten up a Monday morning, we’re wondering if they’ll choose to continue with this campaign. Well, they tweeted this first thing today: “Good morning one and all! Quite the day yesterday. Did we miss much?”.

It would seem that they are quite happy with the attention they have generated but it is clear that some people think otherwise, with one Twitter user (@holly) giving this reaction “Wow. #Emojinal is a masterclass on how to ruin a century-old upscale brand with one terrible social media campaign”. Another shocked onlooker was Emily Peacock, from Bournemouth (@EmilyJPeacock) stating “Not sure if @houseoffraser account has been hacked, but if not - eeek! Not classy guys and totally not in line with customer base. #Emojinal”. According to reports, all the fun and games were down to the department store seeking new ways of connecting with a younger audience for the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend. Did you love this campaign?