Top 3 Social Media News Stories

Video function now on Instagram


The new feature on Instagram is described as "everything you love about Instagram — and it moves". You can see the suitably cheesy promo video here.

Like Vine and other short-video services, video length is limited. With Instagram, the time is limited to 15 seconds.

Features include: 13 new filters, cinema stabilisation mode, individual scene as cover photo as well as deletion of video segments.

As a regular Vine and Instagram user, I do feel a degree of loyalty to Vine for my short videos (vines...). Although there are additional features on Instagram, the things that make me think “I want to Instagram that” are not necessarily the things that I want to film. I really like the element of creativity/planning that goes into a Vine, for me Instagram is very much a quick 'shoot and post' type affair (not forgetting to slap a filter and a bit of blur on it). Don’t get me wrong - I am still a huge fan of Instagram, but I like the idea of keeping my photo's and short video's separate. I  think that I'll definitely be sticking to Vine for the time being. 

What are your thoughts? Is Instagram video a Vine killer?


Hashtags on Facebook


Facebook has now introduced hashtag support and on a personal level, I'm not sold.

The announcement was made on 14th June, just one day before I was talking to another 'social media type' at Oi! Conference about the use of hashtags on Facebook. I have never been a fan of them on people’s Facebook status’, I also find it particularly irritating to see @ mention’s and twitter updates directly plumbed through to Facebook. Making them bold and clickable isn't going to help...

For me, this article by Chris Taylor sums it up perfectly.

The only way that I can see hashtags being useful on Facebook is for specific campaigns implemented by brands. The lack of real-time updates on Facebook mean that for the average user, they only serve to clutter the news feed. Despite Facebook Hashtags being off limits to marketers at the moment, it's only a matter of time before they'll be up for grabs...

I can't say that I'll be rushing to include hashtags in my Facebook updates in the same way I do on twitter, but duty may call for future client campaigns at Coup Media!

How do you feel about hashtag integration with Facebook?


Twitter launches #FollowMe video service

Earlier in June, the microblogging service launched a new tool that allows users to instantly create shareable movies depicting their social footprint — top tweets, photos and followers.

The campaign is powered by Vizify, a service that creates a personal website powered by your social data. I created my Vizify profile a few months ago and I love it, it's an awesome tool that's well worth creating! The video’s are really nice step forward and the customisable feature is a great bonus. You can see my video and create your own here.

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