Updated Facebook Donate Button Coming to the UK

There is now yet another reason to never leave the Facebook ecosystem. Who is up this time? It’s the third sector. That’s who. Facebook have announced recently that they are working on a tool that will allow people here in the UK to donate directly from within the platform. Charities will be able to utilise this very soon and we feel this will prove an exciting opportunity to make the process of giving just that little bit easier. Users will no longer need to leave the site or app, much like the process of searching for the latest news; Facebook now partners with world leading publishers to make this a seamless process too.

“I’m sure i’ve seen a donate button already?” - we hear you yell. You have. Facebook does allow registered charities to add this button to their official page on the social media platform, but this only directs you to their website. This disconnect allows for the user to either change their mind, or simply get distracted by something else. The worldwide hit that was the ice-bucket challenge played a key role here; this is what got Facebook thinking. With this update, Facebook users will be able to donate directly. This will enable people to act there and then; making an impact even more easier. We think this is a great update and will no doubt make a difference. What do you think?