The Rise Of Messaging Bots

Most phone users now only use a small number of apps everyday. It is becoming more difficult to download, setup, manage and shift between so many apps on our mobile device. The most popular apps are messaging, these are becoming the new platform within the mobile operating system. It seems the popular messaging bots will now be replacing current apps, the Bot store will now become the new app store. There are a number of messaging apps that already enable communication with third-party services. Allowing developers to create messaging Bots, which will provide automated or scheduled messages to users, a good example of this already being used is Facebook Messenger.

These messaging bots read and reply to messages as a human would, they can then be programmed to chat and deliver automated messages. Bots can both interact with their actions as well as respond to queries from users. There are also different types of bots available, whether it’s automating conversations, transactions or workflows. Could a messaging Bot work for you?

  • E-commerce bots

Able to purchase items and goods online.

  • Food bots

Able to order dinner or any food you need that you choose.

  • Content bots

Sharing any relevant updates, from current news to weather.

  • Watcher bots

Extremely useful, they will tell you when important events are happening, your flight being delayed or remind you to service your car.

  • Banking bots

Providing all of your financial services.

  • IoT bots

This bot will be the connector between you and your other devices, cars and technology in your smart homes.

That’s just a handful of Bots that are already in the making or created, and many more available. But when all of these bots become too much to handle, their is a ‘personal assistant’ bot, who will manage the communication between you and the rest of your current Bots, there is one for everything! After training, it will prioritise what updates and messages you have chosen to find out first, personally to each user. Bots are able to stay invisible, they send us the alerts and updates when we needed but other than that, users can’t tell they’re there. They also stay stored on the cloud and update themselves automatically. Bots are already available to download, from Teamchat and Quartz. Teamchat has a Bot store very different to the current app store we currently know, this is where you can choose a Bot and what it is needed for, they have numerous options on offer from Google Translate Bot to a Joke Bot. Quartz is a fun news app, which is interactive with each user, choosing what news stories you’d like to read about or by simply replying next, moving onto the next story.

Just as easy as starting a conversation with a friend, no download is involved. Given the fact the majority of people these days can’t live without their phone, this is leading to a massive shift in the mobile industry, for users and companies. With new risks and possibilities ahead, could a Bot work for your company? Get in touch to find out more...