Data is Cool... Deal with it!

Data is cool. It is no longer the geek in the corner; it is the playboy, rockstar saving the day and getting the girl. It should be the ultimate tool in the digital and social marketers arsenal.

Why is data so cool? 

Well, the Big Data explosion started in 2012 and even then we were producing 5 exabytes of data every 2 days. Ever since, trying to harness the data has been a top priority for social and tech companies - none more so than Facebook. Their acquisition of WhatsApp for $19bn saw them not only take a massive step into the instant messaging market; but obtain over 450 million users’ data in one transaction. If you can’t get excited over data, then surely you can get excited about $19bn.

Not everyone has data at that volume however. Any Facebook page, Twitter feed or LinkedIn account should be run on data. Understanding real time analytics, audience demographics and monitoring conversations are tools that should not be ignored.

How should you use your social media data?

Facebook business pages offers a great spectrum of insights for your page. As it grows, the data that comes with it becomes a valuable asset to your company. The same goes for Twitter, using a service such as Tweet Stats will give you very basic data that you should use to influence your channel. LinkedIn automatically uses big data to increase your profile visibility and help users determine who has viewed their profile. Collecting data from their industry to their location LinkedIn serves up data that could help you get closer to potential business or find a perfect new team member. But how can you turn all this into a tool for your company? well there are a number of ways:

Tailor Your Message: If your Facebook page is populated by 30+ middle age men, don’t promote One Direction's new single. It probably won’t go down well. Know your audience and research deeper into common connections between your fans and how you could use this to shape content calendars and promotions. 

Discover Influencers: Through your social data you should identify your influencers. Research shows that 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth above all forms of marketing. Find tweeters, find bloggers, find anyone your social following listens to and find a way to get on their radar. You don’t need a massive PR team if you identify the right social influencers. 

Get on Trend: If a trending topic is happening in your field or you have relevant content that can support the theme - get on it! If people are tweeting or sharing the topic they have an interest, your company should be in the conversation and raking in the new fans in the process. 

Track Growth: Seeing how your page is growing and in what sectors - this shows you what you’re doing well. Use a tool to track growth (Check out our resources page for a free template) and make sure you don’t pat yourself on the back too hard; continue to work on how you could engage every demographic. Growing a successful page is more that just ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ - engagement and content are always key.

Too much data?

There is no such thing! If you're sitting on data, then you are sitting on a database more valuable than BitCoin. If you have e-mail addresses, sale stats, reports - anything! It could be repurposed and reused across a social or digital platform. 

Infographics - The simplest, yet most effective way of converting dull data into a beautiful marketing tool. Show off your data, not only will you look like a market leader but others will want to share it raising brand awareness.

Targeted E-Mail Campaigns - If your fans are most active on Thursday’s at 9pm, send out an e-mail with extra content. If you know your fans are online, then give them something to do - idle hands and all that.

Planning Promotions - In the same way as targeted e-mails, use this data to plan when it's best to run a promotion. If it’s pay day or fans need a pick me up - give them something that makes them happy and covert users into customers. 

Go Mobile - If your audience is on mobile then it should be at the heart of everything you produce. Make sure your content is designed for mobile, your website is responsive and that you are planning a native mobile app that could really boost the conversation about your brand. Not sure how, this may help.

There are just so many options available. If you have too much data that you don’t know what to do with - then get creating. If you have yet to begin then get collecting, get targeting and harness the amazing power of data to dictate your social and digital actions. 

If you don’t know where to start or just have data you want to make into something more; then pick up the phone and let’s have a chat. Like we say, we love data!