YouTube Improves Video Analytics for Partners With New Tools

A year ago Youtube launched the idea of analytics for its videos, a year on and those analytics are getting a big boost.

Now details about your video are available via raw data from downloadable spreadsheets. Familiar tools like Hot Spots and the engagement reports will still be available, but there are loads more reports now available to you.

With an interface that's familiar to anyone who has used Google Analytics, the first new report looks at views. You can specify a date range and see how the views trend over time, while the content box allows you to group content at the channel or video level. You can also look at views for any videos you've claimed as yours from user-generated content. Particularly useful, you're now able to see unique viewers.

If the age range and gender of your viewers is useful data for you, then the demographics report will be of particular interest. It gives you a chance to break content down by channel level, video level or claimed content level at which point you can see the age groups and gender. A bar graph, pie chart and table will help you visualise the data.

There is also the "playback location report" that allows you to see where playback is taking place, whether that's on your own website via embedded videos, on another site, on your channel page, on your YouTube watch page, or on a mobile device. You can also sort this data by geographic location, and by daily, weekly or monthly time lines. When combined with the traffic sources data, you're being offered a very clear idea of how people are discovering your content and just how they are consuming it.

With the new reports it is a good time to get video content online, the new analytics create a new depth to the user and the places where videos should be hosted for your business. These reports also can integrate with any advertisements you have placed on YouTube to see how effective they are and to assess that all important ROI. In short, this is a new business playground with enough stats to shake the proverbial stick at.