The Royal Wedding: A Social Media Street Party

The big day is just around the corner. Your bunting is ordered, street party planned and millions expected to watch and attend. Not wanting to get left behind, the web has responded, trying to get in on the wedding spirit.

In order to push and boost the use of YouTube's new streaming channels, YouTube has landed the royals' big day for some juicy streaming content. YouTube's decision to stream the wedding live will take place on the official Royal Channel! That is right, the Royals have a channel (expect some virals of Prince Phillip wedding dancing). The stream isn't just the vows, oh no! The channel will stream for 4 hours, running from 10 a.m. and including the pair's journey to Westminster right up to their aircraft ceremony.

The web doesn't just stop there, as well as the stream a multimedia live blog will accompany the stream - which is YouTube first! The blog will feature commentary of the event, historical information, additional footage (so maybe there will be videos of some dodgy dancing after all) and an integrated Twitter feed from the staff at Clarence House and St James Palace. Talk about social integration! But it does not stop there; an online guest book will be available to users where people can upload their videos of congratulation to the couple. All in all YouTube are expect, wait for it, 2 BILLION people to view it live, making it the biggest single YouTube broadcast to date.

It is not just YouTube that has covered the Royal Wedding, Google has already outlined the couples routes for the day of wedding on there 3D street views so people know exactly what, where and when it is all going down. This is great for the floods of people making their way down to watch; ensuring they can grab the best spot.

If the excitement for the day isn't enough, T-Mobile have released this little parody of popular viral "JK Wedding Entrance" (If you haven't seen the original, do so - it is brilliant) The viral has hit over 5 million views in 4 days, so take a look and realize the potential of the Royal Wedding for you business. Tweets at the ready, get smart and Tweet the weeding day away!

Check the video out below.