Social Media & Love

Firstly, let me introduce myself - hi i’m Monique! I've just started working at Coup and I'll be doing lots of social media data analysis, blogger outreach and well, blogging like this!

I'll also bring much needed female touch to the office as Oriana (@coupmedia_ori) has been fighting a lone battle against an office full of boys (yes boys, not men)!! Sooo, as the weather has been so fantastic the last few days, and as thoughts turn to foolish expectations of a hot Spring & Summer I thought I'd start my first blog, addressing social media and love.

Love often blossoms in Spring and Summer months when we make the most of the sunshine and enjoy BBQs, going to the beach, shopping or going out for food. But does social media change the way we interpret love and relationships?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media all provide us with an easy access platform of communication. Whether we tag ourselves in photos at the beach, check in at places, tweet how we are feeling #inthesun or add a new relationship status; social media facilitates a new way of expressing ourselves, whats happening in our lives and who we are spending our time with.

If we first consider traditional relationships before the internet and social media, physically meeting someone was the only way to start a relationship (unless you tried an unsolicited phone call but let's assume - and hope - you didn't). Knowledge of personality, life or aspirations were  gauged through face to face conversation. These ‘traditional’ relationships were only able to grow through a physical presence; the result being a slow and steady road to love with smiles and laughter, holding hands and embraces leading the way to lasting romance (OK it's a slightly stereotypical view but stay with me!).

Today social media provides a route to finding a new partner through sharing interests, photo tagging and gaming to name just a few. Social media also gives those in new relationships the opportunity (should you desire) to have a sneaky peak into some of your future partner's experiences that they may have wanted to have kept hidden - such as that night when one too many cocktails resulted in being snapped doing something embarrassing. Posts or photos of exes, social network stalking and easy access to communication all allow for a much more detailed knowledge of a person without them having to say a word. So how much information is too much and are we able to control this innate function of curiosity or even should we?

The answer for me is a resounding no. We can now make informed choices without too much emotional commitment, we can message, DM or video chat instantly, arrange a whole event or meeting in seconds and keep those we care about in the loop at the same time without much effort. From a status of “i love you... ”, to relationships updates and instant messages. While relationships may be forming and developing differently, love is just being shown in different ways.

Paul Shepherd

I've worked in digital communications for around 15 years, and specialised in social media for the past three. Passionate about new technologies, media, and the impact it has on businesses bottom line, I try to bring that passion to every campaign for every brand we work with.