It's Friday...WE KNOW!

It has been an interesting week in the world of YouTube. Rebecca Black is STILL on everyone's lips, but at least it seems to have found itself its righteous place in the world of web video. Now not seen as a music video or even a joke song it has happily settled in the same genre as the art form of Rick Rolling. If you are sat there thinking "What is Rick Rolling?" - it is a form of web pranking that is found across YouTube, most commonly it will be a video labeled as something its not, for example "Harry Potter Alternative Endings" or "New Kanye West Song" have all fallen victim to a good Rick Rolling. When you go to your exclusive; instead of Kanye rapping about his life you get the loveable Rick Astley singing about never giving up, if this has happened to you, you have been Rick Rolled.

Back to the matter in hand then; Rebecca Black and Friday. Like Rick Rolling it seems the schemers and pranksters of the web have been spreading the video like a California Wild Fire on every, you guessed it, Friday! Posting the video to Facebook and telling your mates it's something else is the new craze of Internet fun. This week saw the video hit the 100 million mark, pushing it towards Bieber and his 500 million, but when comparing the video through YouTube analytics and interesting pattern has formed. Have a look below.

Yes, the peaks - they are Fridays. Pretty good for a 13-year-old girl with the "most hated song of all time" - But I think it is time to change our attitudes towards Rebecca Black and say proudly it is not the most hated song of all time, but the most popular form of social humor of all time. So if you think the video is out of your life or not being mentioned, hold on til Friday - any link could be a loaded with the Rebecca Black beauty. Most interestingly; the video has now sparked off huge responses from the YouTube community. There is now a parody video for EVERY day of the week, averaging a few millions between them. This is quite an important business tool for any web video, parody works! However it would be safe to safe judging by the way the market is going, getting on the back of Rebecca Black's Friday maybe too late. But keeping an eye out on key trending videos could give you the results of such a video. 100 million views would go down quite nicely now wouldn't it.