Is YouTube For You Too?

Still wondering? A company’s YouTube page is often left to fend for itself much more so than a company’s Facebook, Twitter feed or blog. Maybe that’s because videos are more time consuming to create and therefore fresh content is harder to generate. Maybe it’s because company’s feel that their videos aren’t worthy of wide spread recognition in the same way that some viral success comes about. Either way, we think that YouTube suffers a bit from smaller brands misunderstanding where and how YouTube fits into their communications mix.

But with a user base so vast, YouTube can often be the perfect spring board for an idea, concept, product or just to raise company profiles. If your business could tap into 0.01% of the daily views you would be touching (err excuse the phrase), a lot of potential new consumers! And all it really takes is a camera, a well run YouTube channel and a good idea – or just an idea that people deem worth spreading. The first step we think is to make your page pop – to help convince people to subscribe.

Your Channel

Your channel should be the first thing you look at creating when you join YouTube. The channel isn’t just a handy ‘go to’ where all your videos are stored, it is your front of house. And like your Facebook landing page and your Twitter feed, this really needs to be an extension of your brand in the way it looks. Not everyone realises this but the channel can be customised – so customise! And make sure this page is always active and up to date, with correct links to your website, bulletins and video’s posted regularly (you decide what regular means to you, but is once a month out of the question)?

Recent Activity and Subscriptions

A dead page means subscribers may look else where. With both Recent Activity and Subscriptions make sure whatever features on there represents something that your brand and company wants to show. Do not subscribe to something that would damage your reputation or creditability. But do not shy away from using subscriptions; suscribing to the right channel may give you seeds or views for your videos increasing their popularity. So make the right moves a maximise your views.

We’re going to try and help you through some of the basics of using YouTube to it’s full potential, so use this as a first instalment – the fundamentals to getting your page started. Stick to them and you shouldn’t go to far wrong. YouTube is a great tool for any business and should definitely be considered as a part of your social activity.

We will look in more detailed and creative uses for YouTube in later articles but for now get yourself a page, customise it, subscribe to some relevant channels for your business, and think hard about what to film and why your filming it. That will give you a good base from which to build. Good luck!