What Does YouTube's Acquisition Of fflick Mean To You?

It appears that YouTube are planning to integrate comments from Facebook and Twitter. The move will help YouTube to analyse social media data, and to surface great content based on the discussions around it. Google's $10 million acquisition of social movie-review site fflick has added fuel to that particular rumour, so we thought we'd look at what exactly fflick is, and what the move means to you.

fflick is all about movie previews, reviews, thoughts, and reactions based off tweets. Formed last year by four former Digg employees, it analyzes chatter on Twitter to create Rotten Tomatoes-like ratings. fflick also organizes other social media data, filters and analyses information, and presents it in a way that is consumable and relevant.

Google believes that capturing the conversations across the web would be perfect for services like YouTube. They said on the the YouTube Blog yesterday:

"As part of YouTube, the fflick team will help us build features to connect you with the great videos talked about all over the web, and surface the best of those conversations for you to participate in."

The blog goes on to quote some astounding stats (400 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link, and Facebook users watch more than 150 years worth of YouTube video every day), and suddenly the potential is clear.

It's easy to see how You Tube could adapt the technology, meaning that recommendations and reviews will become the norm for sourcing video content across YouTube. To a business it's great news because your content - assuming it's good enough - will rise through the YouTube ranks based on what people think of it and not just on the number of views - and that's good for niche content that may have previously not found an audience - and all the more reason to adopt online video as an integral part of your digital communications.

Paul Shepherd

I've worked in digital communications for around 15 years, and specialised in social media for the past three. Passionate about new technologies, media, and the impact it has on businesses bottom line, I try to bring that passion to every campaign for every brand we work with.