2010 in Social Commerce

We've spoken a lot recently about Groupon and the rise of social commerce in general. We've seem some amazing innovations that are driving real profits for those brave enough to embrace them; from Levi's product-specific Facebook Like buttons (which effectively encourages your shoppers to market your products for you) to Gap's record breaking Groupon-driven $11million daily sales tally reached back in the summer. The opportunities are already vast and growing - especially where local marketing is concerned. And with Google primed to make a bigger impact in the sector in 2011, the rise of social commerce definitely looks set to continue.

So with all that in mind, imagine our delight when we came across this infographic that charters the rise throughout 2010 of social commerce (courtesy of socialcommercetoday.com)

Paul Shepherd

I've worked in digital communications for around 15 years, and specialised in social media for the past three. Passionate about new technologies, media, and the impact it has on businesses bottom line, I try to bring that passion to every campaign for every brand we work with.