Under Roman Rule - Chelsea's 9 Managers In 9 Years

No doubt you've read the headlines. Russian moneybags/Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been wielding his blue axe again - Roberto Di Matteo the latest victim in a long line of big name coaches to face the wrath that Stamford Bridge managerial mediocrity brings. 

Well, we in the Coup office were so shocked by the news, that we decided to dig a little deeper and find out if Roman's fire first, ask questions later approach actually brings footballing success - and we discovered some amazing stats. We put all this info together and popped it into this rather fetching infographic (even if we do say so ourselves). The results are below and we're sure you'll be as surprised as we are. Let us know what you think - does stability bring trophies or does the ever looming threat of unemployment keep managers on their toes?