Social Media Habits (infographic)

We recently found this ‘Social Media Habits’ Infographic; a nationwide survey of 600 adults between the ages of 18-50, who have answered questions relating to how willing they are to provide personal information on social media sites. 

It caught my attention, particularly because it compares statistics of both men and women, and the differences in the results are quite striking. Overall, men were more willing to share personal information than women. Both genders were willing to share basic information such as relationship status, education etc, but when it came to providing details such as telephone numbers and physical addresses, a very low percentage of women were prepared to provide these details. It seems that women are more concerned than men about their personal security.

Facebook has always been a networking tool which is used to keep up with friends and family, whereas Twitter activity is public. There seems to be a great deal of concern about Facebook’s introduction of the hashtag and how this will affect its user’s privacy settings. It does seem apparent that every time Facebook is updated, its privacy settings change also. 

How concerned are you about your privacy on social media sites? Do you think Facebook’s introduction of the hashtag will cause security issues?


 Social Media Habits survey by  uSamp

Social Media Habits survey by uSamp

Paul Shepherd

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