Staying Social Whilst Travelling?

Summer has officially begun, which means packing your bags and jetting off somewhere warm and escaping every day life!  We live in a Social Media obsessed world where we update everyone on our daily affairs across different social platforms, do you go offline when you're abroad and remain MIA for the time you're away? Or are you far too excited to share your adventures with your friends that you're just as active home and away?

It really depends on what kind of person you are. Many people think you're not enjoying your surroundings and not living in the moment because you're too busy choosing an Instagram filter or the correct hashtag. Then the flip side of this is sharing what you've seen with people who may never get the opportunity to travel. Thanks to travel blogs, we've travelled the world through our devices and seen places we could never have imagined were real. I follow nearly 600 Instagram accounts and I'm not particularly interested in following people who are living the same life as me, I want to know what everyone is up to from all different parts of the world. I can essentially travel anywhere in the world through my Instagram account. I've dreamed of doing an American Road Trip because I've seen so many photos on the internet of people's experiences. Would I have wanted to go so badly if I hadn't read and seen peoples stories? 

Check out some of my favourite travel photos from around the web.

Traveling shouldn’t just be for the story, but for the personal experience. Documenting travel should come second

Sharing your journey isn't just for yourself (a way to look back at your memories) but it can also benefit others. Sharing your experiences can provide another traveller/holiday goer with valuable information for a successful journey. Had a really good experience at a hotel? Share it so that someone can feel a little more secure with their hotel choice. Eaten at a really bad restaurant? Share it so people know what to avoid at all costs! 

Staying social on the road also means you can have access to really handy Apps. There are so many travel Apps like TripAdvisor and Yelp that are extremely well known, but a new wave of apps are attempting to personalise the recommendations for each traveler's taste. I'm going on an American Road Trip so I'm looking for something that is tailored to my trip. Roadtrippers is an App that launched last Summer and has over 200k places around you listed in various categories. Create a bucket list, discover and add awesome independent places around you that will automatically sync with the website. The app is beautifully designed and feels very American! Think motel signs, open roads, canyons etc. 

Social Media is the best way to stay connected with loved ones and strangers and is a great way to stay connected on the go. They can see your journey and if you can inspire someone to book that trip they've always wanted to go on then great! If you're worried about it taking too much of your time then set yourself a target per day for phone allowance. Maybe half an hour a day before you go to bed to share any messages/images or check reviews. Remember to experience the moment before thinking about sharing it. Experience first, document second.