Should Apple be worried?

With the HP Spectre recently becoming available in the UK, it’s the Macbook air’s biggest rival. Macbook air has been around for a while now, so is it time to switch and try the HP Spectre? We decided to compare the both and see which one is the best laptop to purchase. With Windows HP launching its thinnest laptop they’ve ever made, it was released in April and is slowly becoming a strong contender against Apple.

The Spectre is a lightweight laptop, perfect for any person who wants easy access but not compromising on productivity. It comes with a standard 8GB of memory and SSD storage, and a four figure price tag. They have also tried to make the most out of the laptop’s battery life with the little space they have to work with, forming it from four different cells that will use the space inside the chassis, claiming to support approximately nine hours battery life. Taking great attention to the overall design of the Spectre, HP has said "high gloss copper accents that reflect a hand-polished finish and an innovative hidden piston hinge creating the illusion of a hinge-less design to offer an unmatched premium look and feel".

Should Apple be worried? Windows HP have tried to create laptops to compare with Apple before, but this time they are very similar and a strong contender. Arguably, Macbooks have the stronger build and sturdy quality, with it’s metal construction and simple design.

It’s obvious every buyer will compare both of these laptops. We’ve noticed that HP hasn’t just made something that looks similar to a MacBook, they made every effort to deliver a laptop that can meet with what Apple already offers from the performance of the hardware all the way to the elusive components for the experience of the user. Overall, as good as the HP Spectre is, over time it will become apparent if what Window’s is offering is enough to compare to already reliable Apple. The popular Apple logo and Mac OS X currently still seems shines over the advantages of the HP Spectre.

Do you like trying new technology brands or sticking to the ones you know and trust?