Apple WWDC 2016

Apple recently had it’s annual conference and there were lots of new announcements and updates to look out for in the future. We’ve had a browse at the latest features and chosen some of the most exciting changes we’ve got to look forward too.

  •  Widgets

Widgets will be accessible on the lock screen, from calendar appointments to weather and sports news. Making the apps much more attainable.

  •  Delete default apps

There’s nothing worse than your memory filling up with apps you don’t use but haven’t been able to delete before. The compass and stocks may be useful to some users but for most people they’re just taking up unwanted space.

  • Voicemail transcriptions

Mumbly hard to hear voicemails will be forever gone! iOS 10 will have the feature of voicemails automatically being transcribed into text, creating a visual voicemail.

  • Siri update for third party developers

Siri needed an update after five years, the feature will now be opening up to third parties, such as Uber and WhatsApp. It will also be available on Mac desktop and laptops.

  • Swift Playground

This app will be free to download, it’s the best way to teach users who want to learn coding. It will include lessons, tips and challenges. With the aim to make it part of every school day in the future.

After this software conference, lots of updates are happening to their iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch and TV products. These new features will come to all users in the autumn as a free upgrade.

What are you most looking forward too?