Tweview XFactor - Measuring Contestant Twitter Sentiment

Last weekend the first of The X Factor Live shows was aired, this was the perfect time for us to launch Tweview XFactor


Tweview XFactor monitors and analyses all the tweets that are shared about each individual contestant. With this data, Tweview determines whether each tweet is positive, negative or neutral and gives every contestant a Tweview rating, what's more - Tweview pulls this data and ratings into a chart to show who is the most popular. The ratings are updated instantly and so you can get an extremely real pictures of what the world of Twitter thinks about the contestants and performances as they happen!

 So what did we learn from the first week of Tweview XFactor and what did Twitter think?

- Lorna Simpson had the lowest amount of Tweets (before elimination) and was subsequently voted out.

- Shelley Smith has the second lowest amount of tweets and she also featured in the bottom 2.

- Kingsland Road dropped the most amount of chart places after they sung - more than anyone else.

- Rough Copy moved to the top of the charts during the show, until Nicholas McDonald sang. Then Nicholas McDonald held the top spot for the rest of the weekend.

- Sam Bailey was the biggest winner. She moved from no.11 straight to no.2 after she sung. Also collecting the most tweets during the show than anyone else.

- Tamera Foster is the most consistently liked, as she has yet to move from no.3 in the chart.


For the latest chart, check out

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