Bebo is back! - 2014

 Growing up in a generation who spent most their teenage years online, Bebo was the place to be, the Facebook of my generation. If you didn't have a Bebo account you were a nobody!  

 It was a place that you could escape, a place where you could share the luv, create photo albums filled with your selfies before selfies were even a thing, be as creative as possible with your Bebo Skin’ and of course add your best friend as your other half. This online platform gave me opportunity to fall in love with simple web design and gave me a place to show off all my recent Photoshop skills. 

 Husband and wife – Michael and Xochi Birch, founded Bebo in 2005, it became the third largest social networking site in the world. They sold Bebo to AOL in 2008 for $850M.

 Bebo slowly faded away when Social Networking giants MySpace and Facebook exploded in 2008 -2009, as users moved away from the Bebo luv and started a new online relationship.

 The original founders decided to buy Bebo back for $1 million and are trying to bring it back.

 But are they..?

 Sadly – No..

 Bebo, the site that had over 40 million users and saw over 1 billion page reviews a week is not actually coming back at all.

 If you visit today will be presented with a new Parallax scrolling website, a website that is modern but there is no way to log into your Bebo account. Instead you are presented with three mobile apps and a link to the AppStore.

 “Bebo is back with three new apps in 2014”

 Blab –  Video walkie-talkie.

a fun way to video chat with your friends
— - Blab

 I took it upon myself to download the app and try it out.. Even though the App itself looks very childish the idea and functions behind it are actually quite mature. 

 The target audience for the app seem to be the younger generation, its very childlike, easy to navigate, brightly coloured and highly illustrated. This interface alone would happily entertain a child.

 Every contact in your phone appears on the screen and you are able to record a little message and send it to anyone in your contacts.

 Even if the person you send the clip to does not physically have the app installed on their phone they are still able to view the clip. – The receiver receives the clip via text message.

 This is an excellent way to advertise the app, and gives you the chance to try the app out without even going to look for it in the AppStore.

 The idea seems to be very close to what Snapchat offers but for a younger generation.

 Apparently there are two more apps to come in 2014 but the website gives no indication or any information on what these apps are called or what they are going to be…

 So Bebo are not back at all…

 Instead it seems that the founders of Bebo are trying to keep up with the times and going mobile. I mean they where able to create one of the first big online social media platforms, what's stopping them for getting into the instant messaging service?

 Whatapp, Kik, iMessenger and Snapchat are the messaging service giants today, and they are always competing with one another, is it possible that Bebo will have a chance to out do the generations giants?  There’s only one way to find out….