Wow... It's that exciting day and the Oi Conference is about to take place!

I'm extremely looking forward to the event and everything it has to offer, just like the rest of you, being a die-hard social media junkie and all.

Hmm... But what should I be more excited about? The fact that I'm live-blogging throughout the day, or because I get to meet so many awesome people? 

Well, I'm not going to be awkward and am going to say that both points raised are pretty overwhelming. I just wish it was a lot warmer! That'd be perfect.

Anyway, I should really stop babbling and get on with things, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. I'll want to speak to as many of you as possible - I'm not a stalker - honest!

So, if I do end up stopping you on this feature-packed day, it'll be because I'm recording everything in the form of blog posts. Peace out... and enjoy! I certainly will.