Today has so far been amazing - but we knew it would be anyway!

Two keynotes and a masterclass completed; that brings is to the second masterclass.

Again, it'll depend on your colour band, but I'm at the Hootsuite masterclass right now. 

Dan Spicer - Head of Community EMEA at Hootsuite - started off with a few cool stats. 

Such as the fact that since 2007, content marketing has become a social media forefront. 

Following on from this, Dan started to talk about the current situation when it comes to social media, explaining the impact that it can have on the customer base of a business. 

Just in 2012, people were trying to grab as many followers and likes as possible. 2013 was a lot different - all about the amount of retweets. Now, "2014 is about social advocacy".

Hootsuite can exemplify this with its ambassador line-up. 

Content marketing really does result in the overall success of modern-day businesses. 

Dan explained about real-time marketing and how it too can help businesses. 

Platforms truly are made for different reasons. 

Take LinkedIn for example, which is highly B2B-based.  

Hootsuite provides you with a break-down element for your lists. 

Dan the went on to talk about the use of social media for community-based reasons, contrasting with the use of Hootsuite. 

And to learn more about Hootsuite, you can join the 'Hootsuite University'.