The first keynote is over - and what an amazing one it was. 

This moves us on to our first masterclass sessions, depending on your colour band.

As a member of the blue band gang, I'm sat in the Google Plus masterclass.

We started off with a 'Mexican Wave' - how random is that?!

Then we went on to the serious stuff, with the hosts explaining how social behaviour is normal for the human being, and how Google is capitalising on this.  

Apparently, "Google didn't plan to turn Google Plus into a social networking site. "

Certainly, as it's nothing like Facebook. "It's about mobile, " said the host.

500k plus users - that's a lot of users! Impressive stuff. 

Following on from the intro, the hosts began to talk about Google Plus as a platform and some of its features - such as YouTube integration.  

Google Plus Communities - interesting. If I'm right, anyone can post and join the conversion, unlike personal profiles and business pages.  


It's great for creativity, too. Converse - which allowed the ability for its customers to post shoe designs on Google Plus - was used as an example.

The guys then explained more about Google Hangouts. I never knew this before, but 'Hangouts Air' allows members of the public to tune in. You truly do learn something new everyday. 

In terms of the future, there are plenty of things heading to Google Plus - such as 'Post Ads', which turns content into conversations.