We've reached the mid section of today's event - and it's been a blast! 

It's now time for the third masterclass - Brandwatch for me and the blue bands.

We started off the event by learning more about social media and the data behind.  

Including some funky stats...

Wow - Brandwatch collects its data from over 70 million sources.  

That's a huge figure! Along with Facebook's 1 billion plus users... 

The company claims that it's "not Twitter", and are a "British-based business". 


That's certainly true, as it's a monitoring platform and not a social networking site. 

Plus, it's good to see that it's all for Blighty, despite having offices around the world.

The guys presenting discussed a lot about data control, using airline rankings as an example. Many moons ago, these rankings would be analysed and collected through questionnaires. Now it can be done in "real-time", thanks to social media! 

And because of this, businesses are able to get feedback from their customers a lot faster than using the old-fashioned method of questionnaires. Cool!