And now the action's starting! 

We've so far been through one keynote and one masterclass, which brings us to yet another exciting keynote - this time with Mo Syed, the founder of 'For Luca'. 

Mo started his keynote by talking about his son, Luca, explaining how his life changed drammatically when Luca was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.  

Luckily, Luca's life was saved due to constant support from the NHS. However, it came to a stage where he ended up losing his legs to "make his life better".

Following on from the day where "Luca asked for blue legs", Mo and his family came up with the 'For Luca' campaign, raising awareness of Luca's disease. 

This story and everything that Mo and his family has achieved for Luca, has received support from various Paralympians and the likes of Gareth Bale.

"The future for Luca and the 'For Luca' campaign is open-ended," described Mo.

Mo and his son's story is truly inspirational, and it all comes down to the power of social media.