Not long left now!  

This brings us to our third and final keynote - James Eder, the co-founder of 'Student Beans'.

We started the keynote off with a "networking" activity - discussing with the person in front why they didn't volunteer to go down to the front of the room.

It seems that a lot of it came down to laziness - from someone else's mouth! 

Acording to James, thinking differently is important; that's what he wanted to achieve with the activity. And I couldn't agree more!  

Following on from this, James went on to talk about disapproval and how "no" shouldn't be taken personally; it's all about being positive.  

James continued with his sentiment of being positive, and told us more about the journeys that he's been on and how many great opportunities have come up.  

This links in with the importance of networking, which he also touched upon.