Aren't keynotes awesome? They give you the ability to listen to other knowledgeable people speak, plus you get to learn a ton of new things!

Our first offering is David Hieatt - an ex Saatchi copywriter and the founder of Howies, Hiut Denim, Do Lectures and Do lectures USA. What a mouthful! 

David started off his speech by talking about jeans and how "the world doesn't need another jeans company". A pretty worthy sentiment, isn't it? 

His jeans manufacturer, deemed as "unique", makes jeans that have a special tag attached to them that allow you to view images of how they were made etc.

However, this isn't his main project! Oh no. Apparently, "creative people always have a side." I agree. I'm creative and look how busy I am? Writing for a variation of titles, while continuing with my college work. Yes, I'm busy - just like David. 

David continued to talk about how important it is to have a "side project". He explained more about 'Hoowies', outlining how busy he was when he first started up. 

Then came the 'Do Lectures' - an another one of his innovative projects. But again, starting up wasn't easy. Despite this, he worked hard and learnt on the way. Isn't that more important than success? 

And now he's setting up a school here in Wales for young entrepreneurs. However, the "side project" still remains important. How awesome is that? Busy, busy, busy - I like it! 

The keynote ended with an inspirational video, continuing with the "side project" theme.